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Program Director:
Nikki Kitner

Hey Camp Kinneret!!

I’m Nikki and I can’t wait to be your Program Director for the BSE 2019!! This summer will be my 5th summer on the staff team and my 10th at CKB! A lot has changed since my first summer as a Kochot camper back in 2010. In recent years I’ve been lucky to work in many different positions at camp as a waterfront staff, a cabin staff, and Kochot Unit Head. I am so beyond thrilled to take on the position of Program Director, and spend another summer at the place that has given me my most valuable skills and most cherished memories. 

During the year, I live in Vancouver and study Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. I am currently on co-op, working full time at a tech company that makes medical education software. Although my job this year is completely different than what I do at camp, my summer experiences on Lac Mercier have shaped me into the person I am, both professionally and personally. 

Anyone who spends a summer up at 184 Rue Harrison knows how unique that place is. The feeling campers and staff have stepping off the bus that hot, sweaty afternoon in July is somewhat indescribable if you haven’t experienced it yourself. As cheesy as it may sound, it really is the feeling of arriving home. Whether it’s painting yourself completely green for Maccabiah, nominating someone for “poo-poo face of the day” during morning Mifkad, or scoring the winning goal in the KSC finals, everyone at our camp makes up an integral piece of the chevra. Campers have the opportunity to step out of their comfort zones and take on leadership roles unlike most other kids their age. I could give a million more examples as to why Kinneret is so special, but you’d be reading this all day! 

I am counting down the days until we’re all at camp together again for the 2019 summer! See you all SO SOON!!

Head of Programming:
Evan Ullman

Hey Kinneret! I’m Evan, and I can’t wait to be the Head of Programming this summer! My first year as a Kinneret camper dates all the way back to 2008 – and I haven’t looked back since. I can confidently credit this camp for my personal growth both as a staff member and overall role model over the course of my Kinneret career. In the city, I’m going into my 2nd year at the John Molson School of Business, majoring in marketing. I also ran various sports programs for children throughout the school year. 

More importantly, at camp, I’ll be making sure the programs are amazing (they always are!). When I have a chance, you can catch me getting in a rare workout in the weight room, or maybe just hanging out in the SL. Kinneret, get ready for the 2019 season, surely to be the BSE!

LIT Unit Head:
Erik Perez


Hey there Camp Kinneret! My name is Erik and I’m thrilled to be your LIT unit head this year. Ever since 2010, Camp Kinneret has been my home, and I could not be more excited to spend another summer at this incredible place. I am counting down the days until I can be chilling by chof or playing basketball with everyone at the sports complex. While I’m waiting for the summer, I spend the rest of the year as Concordia student studying economics and teaching swimming lessons on the weekend. This summer is going to be one for the books and I could not be more excited to be a part of it. 2019 will truly be the BSE, can’t wait to see everyone there!!

Kochot Unit Head:
Jacob Grover


Hey Y’all!! My name is Jacob Grover and I am so stoked to be your Kochot Unit head this summer! This will be my 4th summer on the staff team and 9th summer at our wonderful home, CKB. You can often find me at the bike shed getting ready for an excursion or cooling off in the lake! In the city, I am in my second year of my undergraduate degree, studying economics at Concordia University. You’ll see me running the streets of MTL and racing for the Concordia Stingers Cross Country and Track team. I cannot wait to see everyone’s beautiful faces for summer ‘19. I hope you’re all counting down the days until the most action-packed summer of your lives because I know I am. The BSE is coming at ya so get ready!!

Goshrim Unit Head:
Naomi Salama


Hey Camp Kinneret fam! My name is Naomi and I am beyond excited to be your Goshrim Unit Head for the summer of 2019! I first came to Kinneret as a camper back in 2007, which feels like it was just yesterday. As my 13th summer gets closer, I am counting down the days until I can get back to the spontaneous chadar sing-alongs, late-night stargazing sessions, tube time in Lac Mercier, and sweating it out during Rikud every week. Camp Kinneret is truly my home, and it is the place where I met my best friends and shared my fondest memories. While I spend the year working towards a degree in Psychology from Concordia University, I’m always thinking of new Rikud dances to bring back to camp and collecting new costumes to add to my trunk. Just thinking about camp puts the biggest smile on my face, and I can’t wait to see all of your smiling faces as you get off the busses for the 2019 BSE!

Giborim Unit Head:
Li-elle Rappaport


Hey CKB fam!!! I’m Li-elle and I am so SOOO excited to be back at camp for my third summer on the staff team and my first summer as the 2019 Giborim Unit head. For the past two summers I was a Gosh cabin staff, I was Rosh A&C this past summer, and this year I am thrilled to be a part of the best unit in camp… GIB! In the summer, you can catch me on the chof, in A&C making name-necklaces, or braiding hair in mifkad! When I’m not at Kinneret having the BSE, I study Psychology and Visual Arts at Western University (allll the way in London, Ontario- not England). I could’ve never imagined as a camper at Camp Shalom eight years ago, that I would have a second home all the way in Mont-Tremblant. The CKB chevrah is my forever-home filled with the most special people on earth! I can’t wait to see what the summer of 2019 holds, to make friendship bracelets, and to sing my heart out with you all at Shira on Friday nights! Here’s to the BSE!!!

Waterfront Director:
Eitan Gabbay


Hi!! I’m so excited to start another summer full of great memories with the best people! This will be my fourth summer working at Camp Kinneret. I started off as a waterfront staff and I did that for two summers. The following summer, last summer, I was the head of tripping. I have never been a camper at Kinneret but this will be my fourth summer and I think it speaks to how welcoming and incredible the camp is. I’m currently working my way towards a Bachelor of Commerce in accounting at McGill University and in my free time I train for Kinneret’s very own Ernie Furt competition. I’m looking forward to being the Head of Waterfront and contributing to the best summer ever! 

Kinneret Staff


Shira Silver (Rosh Avodah)
Carmel Avitzur (Assistant Head of Programming)
Shira Alter
James Elman
Jonah Sofer
Aaron Burke
Zoe Hazan
Dani Pearlston
Lilly Puterman-Salzman
Jordan Luden (Rosh Sports)
Rachel Alter (Rosh A&C)
Emma Kruger (Rosh CIT)
Dylan Kaufman
Matthew Kis
Jacob Kreisman
Jordan Rosen
Andie Young
Matthew Boyer
Liza Shahin
Tamar Bar Yosef (Shinshinit)
Jonathan Smilovitch (Rosh LIT Programming)
Noah Gringorten
Mitchell Rubinstein
Eric Hildebrand
Obi Berlach
Lauren Goldfarb
Sydney Miller
Lily Gelman
Natasha Caruso
Tohar Malka (Shinshin)


Waterfront Staff
Olivia Elman
Rosie Glass
Lewis Gelfand
Julia Katz
Greg Libman
Jeremy Schachter

Hayley Kingstone

Maya Esar