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Head Staff

Program Director:
Rebecca Starr


Hello Camp Kinneret families!

My name is Rebecca Starr and I am so excited to be back at camp, this time as Program Director, for the 2017 season!! This will be my 12th summer in the CYJ movement and my 5th on the Camp Kinneret staff team. In previous summers, I have acted as Giborim staff member and Unit Head, and am now so happy to be your Program Director. I first started at camp as a Gib/Gosh camper, when I was 10 years old. All I can tell you about that summer is that I went home angry that my parents didn’t send me earlier! (I still love them though).

During the school year, I go to Concordia University, where I am working towards my BA with a Specialization in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. When I’m not studying, I volunteer with Hillel Concordia and run JOLT Montreal with our LIT and Biluim Canada chanichim. As I love to keep busy, I also work in two elementary schools as a resource and substitute teacher. These experiences transfer over and help me at camp, as I learn a lot about Child Development and Social Interactions.

Camp Kinneret is a very special place. In my years at camp I have learned more about myself as than I could have ever imagined. It has shaped and developed me into a leader and helped me understand the importance of camp; a place where each child has the opportunity to grow and learn new skills, in an open and comfortable environment, all while having fun! Each summer is always so different because of the uniqueness that each madrich and chanich brings to our chevra (sorry, I know that’s a lot of “ch’s” – a fun tongue twister to try out!). Our camp prides itself on being a family – whether you are the oldest camper, youngest camper, or a staff member, we all care and look out for each other. I’m super excited for our family to reunite and to welcome all the new faces at Camp this summer.

If you have any questions, concerns or just want to say hi, please feel free to contact me at

Can’t wait to see you all soon!

Reb ★

Head of Programming:
Val Trojman

My name is Valerie Trojman and I am beyond excited to be back as your Head of Programming (or HOP as we like to call it). This is my 4th summer as a staff at CKB and 9th summer in the CYJ system. I am currently finishing my fourth year in Software Engineering at Western University and can think of no better way to spend my last summer before entering the real world then at CKB. Between the two types of programming that consume my life, computer programming and camp programming, I can definitely say that camp programming is my favourite, and is why I am so excited to be working as HOP again this summer. Get pumped for an amazing summer filled with programs that will blow your socks off (which is why we always say to bring an extra sock to programs!). If I’m not running around camp getting ready for evening program, you can often find me in the lake asleep on a floaty or chilling on Kinneret Hill. Summer ’17 is truly going to be the BSE and I hope you are all as excited as I am!!

LIT Unit Head:
Gabi Malek


Hey Kinnereters! My name is Gabi Malek and I’m your LIT Unit Head for the summer of 2017! I have been an overly obsessed YJ camper since 2006 and am entering my fourth year as staff member at Camp Kinneret. Since ‘06, I’ve spent my school years eagerly countdown the days until the next summer, to make new friends and new memories. The amazing people, accepting atmosphere and fun-loving energy all make Camp Kinneret my favourite place on earth! During the school year, I am working towards my degree in Media Studies at Western University. When I’m not at school, I am volunteering with Western Hillel and teaching swimming lessons. I can’t wait to dress up, dance, and have the BSE will all of you! See you soon!

Kochot Unit Head:
Nikki Kitner


Hello Camp Kinneret!! I’m Nikki, and as my eighth summer at Camp Kinneret, and third summer on the staff team approaches, I cannot wait to take on the role as Kochot Unit Head for the summer of 2017! Starting at Kinneret in 2010, as a Kochot camper myself, I was greeted with a new family from the moment I stepped off the bus. Years later, the friendships and memories I have made at camp are still some of my most cherished, and whether I’m a camper or a staff, the rush of an impromptu cabin dance party never seems to get old.

During the year, I live in Vancouver, studying Cognitive Systems with a focus in Computer Science and Computational Intelligence and Design at the University of British Columbia. Despite living in Vancouver, my heart is always up in Mont-Tremblant, dancing rikud on the chof. This summer is sure to be filled with many costumes, pontoon rides, and laughter. I am counting down the days until we can get the #BSE2017 started!!!!

Goshrim Unit Head:
Jeremy Ullman


Who’s up for Round 2? It’s your 2016 Goshrim Unit Head back at it again for 2017! This summer is going to be bigger and better and bursting at the seams with innovative programming, a superb staff team and perhaps even a few salad bars. The summer is quickly shaping up to be, once again, the BSE.
When I’m not too busy thinking about and preparing for camp I spend my time completing a degree in Cognitive Sciences at McGill, performing stand-up comedy, writing and playing music, and coaching a rowing team. 

It’s time to start counting down the days if you haven’t already! And, if I don’t see you before, Happy Hannukah and Pesach and Shavuot.

Giborim Unit Head:
Rennie Bimman


Hey Camp Kinneret!!! I’m Rennie, and I am beyond excited to head up to camp this summer as Giborim Unit Head! 2017 will be my third year as staff in the Gib-Gosh Unit, and I can safely say that it is the place to be. Since I first came to camp as a camper in 2011, Kinneret quickly became the place where I feel most comfortable being myself. Kinneret has helped me grow more confident, make special friendships, learn new skills, and laugh to the point of tears at least once every summer day. Some of my best memories are moments that I’ve had at camp, and I cannot wait to make new ones with you all this summer!

During the school year when I’m not daydreaming about my summers on Lac Mercier, you can find me in Montreal studying towards my Bachelor of Social Work at McGill University. I’m so excited to be back at camp eating the best grilled cheese and sweet potato fries you can find, enjoying the view of the lake and the mountains from the top of Kinneret Hill, and of course, hanging out with the Kinneret chevra!
Can’t wait to spend the BSE (Best Summer Ever!) with all of you!

Waterfront Director:
Aliza Herzstein


Hi Camp Kinneret! My name is Aliza Herzstein and I cannot wait to start my second consecutive year as Waterfront Director. This will be my 13th summer in the CYJ system and my 5th summer as part of the Kinneret staff. Camp Kinneret has really helped me grow as a person over my years here, and has become a huge part of my life. While I am not thinking about camp and waiting for the summer to come, I am majoring in Psychology at Ryerson University. I cannot wait to spend another summer with the Kinneret family and making it the best summer ever watching over Lac Mercier!

Kinneret Staff

Zach Savelson (Head of Instructional Swim), Jacque Trojman (Rosh Hadracha – LITs), Jacob Grover (Rosh Avodah), Jessie Young (Rosh Sports), Zoe Young (Rosh CIT/BigBrother/BigSister), Raphael Cohen-Demers (Videographer), Lauren Ohayon,Rachel Alter, Max Morgan, Jordan Luden, Naomi Salama, Evan Ullman, Jason Kronick, Lori Maresky, Erik Perez, Ethan Cohen, Eitan Gabbay, Emma Kruger, Mira Korngold, Lisa Levitan, Talia McGourdji, Carmel Avitzur , Li-elle Rappaport, Shira Silver, Jordan Rosen, Michael Rosenberg, Jonathan Smilovitch, Gilli Cohen, Jon Sochaczevski, Matthew Kis, James Elman, Jonah Sofer