*Names have been replaced with ‘son’ and ‘daughter’ to protect confidentiality.

I would like to thank you for making our sons’ summer an incredible one. As you heard at mifkad he is planning on coming back next year for the whole summer! It is very hard when you have virtually no contact with your child and are used to seeing him every night so that we can go over the day. It is very reassuring to know that our son was surrounded by people that were there to care for him and help him with all of his needs. It is very comforting to know that you take the time when choosing the best counselors to watch over our children. It sure showed us today how important your staff takes their jobs and how much they love doing what they are doing. That is what makes the difference.

As parents, we focus on loving our kids, and teaching them to be contributing members of society and developing a Jewish lifestyle through traditions, Jewish values and Zionism. We have felt that Kinneret-Biluim has in a sense “partnered” with us in helping us get these values into our children and has given them the opportunity to grow, and make friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Our daughter came home after having a great 2 weeks and ready to return. I was asking her about Friday night program that you have by the lake and she got quite emotional and told me how beautiful it was. She was also surprised that I new a lot of stuff that seems to have remained even after 35 years since I was a camper. Glad to hear the old standby’s are still working…

We just wanted to thank you again for creating the environment that allowed our daughter to have such an incredible first experience at camp. She came home and pined for two days at this point, and still says she feels like her heart could burst. She said that everyone was kind, warm, helpful and welcoming. As parents we felt the camp would be a good fit but now her experience really confirms it!

Thank you to you and to your wonderful staff for the amazing experience that you offered our daughter! Please convey to her counselors and to her Unit Head how happy both my husband and I are. She has come home energized, more independant and really confident. She even tried some new foods :). We look forward to speaking to you when enrolment begins for next summer!

I just had to send you and the staff a note to thank you for a GREAT first experience at sleep away camp. Our daughter’s letters home were always about how much fun she was having and how good the food was. In particular she loved the chocolate croissants, Chinese food and made special mention of how special it was that the kitchen staff baked individuals challot for everyone this past Shabbat. She has (of course) asked to come back next year, for longer and even has plans to one day apply to be a counselor! Thank you again for all of the organizing you do, the photos posted, the fun activities and great programming, the Jewish heritage and celebration events and for the all around super experience.

From the minute our son stepped off of the bus this afternoon, he has been going on and on about the incredible experience he gained from camp. From the campers to the madrichim to the level of football played. He thrived and that’s all we as parents hope to achieve. You run a superb ship!

I want to share a personal thank you to you for another remarkable summer. I knew our eldest daughter would have a great time (and by all accounts – boy did she ever!) and this was our younger daughters first full summer experience and she was euphoric. She had the time of her life. The real story is our son. He wasn’t sure he wanted to go to camp and since it was his first time away from home, he was a little nervous but, as I’m sure you know, he just radiated joy for two weeks. This morning I was folding laundry on the couch. He sat down and he was sad. I said “I bet you wish you were back at camp. What would you be doing now?” So he said: “Now would be Mifkad…” And I noticed he got a little teary. I said: “I know you miss camp – it’s ok if you’re sad.” He said “I miss camp so much, I have tears behind my eyes! Camp was so much more then I ever expected!” So, a ringing endorsement from our entire Mishpachah! Thank you for everything.

…what took us by surprise was the depth and intensity of thoughts that occupied the kids; who am I really, as a Jew, as a human being. We were astounded, not what one would expect to hear from his children returning from summer camp. If that is the effect you have on them, we should encourage everyone to go through the “Kinneret-Biluim experience”!


Thank you so much for believing in our son. He is out now with a bunch of camp friends including two kids from Montreal. No one was quite ready to let go of camp, next week he is off to Montreal to keep it going. You are obviously doing an incredible job with these kids. Again, many thanks.

On behalf of my family we want to thank you for a truly remarkable and memorable summer. The children along with their cousins had a fabulous time. There is even talk of extending their stay next summer. Our son just celebrated his birthday with a BBQ and twenty camp friends. A cabin mate from Tremblant came in for two days to help celebrate. The Toronto train brought two more friends leaving two behind wishing they could attend. This is proof that Kinneret is not just a summer camp but a place where friendships are built to last. Mazel Tov to you and your staff for a great summer.

I want to thank you for giving the boys an amazing summer experience. They are still talking about camp and the fun and friends that they had there. When I picked up our son at the end of the summer he said “Mom, this was the best summer of my entire life!” (This from a boy who was happy at his old camp and very unhappy with us for moving him). We live near the school where the Kinneret staff attend. Our boys have had the real pleasure of seeing some Kinneret counselors at the mall. Not only are my boys’ faces lit up with pleasure, but so are the counselors. The love and connections you are able to foster at your camp are amazing, and we are so happy that we are now a part of it!