Giborim (currently in grades 1-3)


With 3 counselors in each cabin, the Giborim staff are specially trained to help campers with their transition into camp life, while ensuring that they remain happy and healthy throughout their entire time at camp.

Goshrim (currently in grades 4-5)


In the Goshrim unit, our main goal is create a positive cabin dynamic for all campers by placing emphasis on relationships building, cabin spirit, and developing a sense of pride in one’s cabin and unit.

Kochot (currently in grades 6-7)


Kochot is often characterized as an energetic, fun-loving, and quirky unit, where staff members provide a safe and nurturing environment for their campers to try new activities and build new relationships with one another.

LITs – Leaders In Training (currently in grade 8-9)


Our LIT program has been developed to give our campers the opportunity to build their leadership skills through programming, training seminars, various committees (va’adot), and interactions with the younger campers.