Each camper has the chance to select two chugim each session. These are activities that they will do with the same group, every regular day. In addition to their chugim, campers will get a chance to try out every activity at camp on Wildcard Wednesdays, where they can select an activity that is different from their usual chugim. Sports hour, instructional swim, and general swim are offered to all campers every day.


Activities at Kinneret include: basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, hockey, dance, yoga, fitness, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, water sports, windsurfing, cooking, arts and crafts, nature, newspaper/journalism, photography, drama, video, gardening, biking, music/band, archery, glee club, ping pong, karate, tripping, and more!

The Kinneret Sports Classic (KSC)


The Kinneret Sports Classic gives our sports-loving campers a chance to improve their skills, gain team experience, and participate in some friendly competition, in a variety of different sports. Run like a real sports league, the KSC staff play the role of General Managers, while the campers act as managers, coaches, assistant coaches, and players. The KSC consists of four teams, each representing a city in Israel: Ramat-Gan Rams, Eilat Eagles, Natanya Knights, and the Ashkelon Kings.

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