Since many Kinneret campers have a lot of questions about the upcoming summer and camp in general, we’ve put together a list of answers to some frequently asked questions.


What should I bring with me to camp? What can I pack it in?

You can find a packing list in our Parent Booklet. In general you need enough clothes to last you just over a week, because laundry is once each week with a one day turn around. You will need clothes that are appropriate for the weather. Since we are located in the Laurentian Mountains, we experience a wide variety of temperatures and weather conditions during the summer. Expect warm days reaching highs in the low-30s, cool evenings (especially in August), and the occasional thunderstorm. Campers are expected to bring some nicer clothing for Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday evenings. Do not bring any electronic devices other than a flash light. You may bring a personal music device. However, if this musical device also serves a purpose other than playing music (i.e. internet, phone or video), it will unfortunately be confiscated.

Duffel bags (hockey bags) are the best thing to use and can be purchased at most camping and sporting goods stores. Trunks are not permitted for Kinneret campers, as there is not adequate room in the cabins to hold them.


Can I bring food to camp?

Due to concerns of attracting ‘uninvited’ wildlife to camp, campers are not allowed to bring any food to camp. Drinks are also not allowed. Every camper will receive some snack food from the tuck shop a few days each week. We are fully stocked with all flavours of chips, pop, and more. This rule also ensures that we will keep our camp kosher and peanut-free! 

What kind of activities do you have at Kinneret?

We have a lot of choice at Kinneret: Drama, Sports, Music, A&C, Nature, Fitness, Rikud and much more. The summer is designed to allow you to make what you want of it; if you want more sports you have opportunities to choose that type of activity, likewise if you prefer arts there are opportunities for you to choose the daily activities that work for you. 


How much interaction will I have with the other age groups? 

At Kinneret we attempt to create the feeling of a single Chevra or family as much as possible, so a lot of our programming involves all of our units (from 7-15 year olds). However, your cabin will consist only of people in your age group, and you will have some activities everyday for just those in your unit or your cabin.


How is the L.I.T. (Leaders in Training) unit different from the others?

L.I.T. campers live in cabins and the counsellors live in an adjacent building. Additionally, L.I.T.’s receive several opportunities to learn and develop their leadership skills through the planning and implementation of various programs and committees.

Where do campers sleep?

All campers sleep on bunk beds in wooden cabins. When you get to camp, you get to choose if you want a top bunk or a bottom bunk. 

How much swimming is there?

Every camper has one instructional swim period each regular day other than Saturday. If he/she doesn’t take lessons during the year, there is a swim test to determine what the class placement will be. There is also a one hour of general swim every regular day of the week.


Is there a doctor at the camp?

Camp Kinneret has a fully functional infirmary, staffed by a registered nurse 24 hours a day. A team of doctors form our medical committee, and they run clinics at camp on a daily basis.

Are there a lot of bugs?

No, the municipality of Mont Tremblant sprays an all natural harmless larvicide that significantly reduces the proliferation of mosquitoes. You still need some bug spray though for when we go on canoe trips.

Is there a phone for campers to use?

Kinneret campers are not permitted to use the telephone at camp. If a parent needs to get a message to a camper, it can be left with the camp office.

Is Camp Kinneret Religious? 

Camp Kinneret is not religious yet strong in Jewish content. Camp Kinneret celebrates Judaism and Shabbat and manages to do so in an environment that encourages all campers to connect on a level that makes them feel comfortable.